Can you transfer a tmobile phone to straight talk

You must log in or register to reply here. Only display in focus nothing else Cell Phone General Discussion 0 Jan 21, D i have a verizon phone that i switched to strait talk.

Transferring Your Straight Talk Service To a New SIM

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Switch metro PCS phone to strait talk | Tom's Guide Forum

Were you able to add this phone to your ST online account? You are correct on info. She used it already with the sim. And yes, I was going to try to use the sim that she had in it, but try to transfer my current number to it. I was able to add the phone to my account but not active. Tell them you have that phone, but no SIM. See if they will send you a fresh Verizon SIM.

Alternatively, you could contact their second tier support called Executive Resolution. The chat is who I went through for this. I will try to call them in the morning to see what I can do. TY for your help. I was suggesting chat but tell them you need a sim for that phone, not you want to use the old one. My guess is Executive resolution will tell you you need a new SIM to transfer your number to that phone.

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  • Transferring Your Existing Straight Talk Service to a New Straight Talk Phone or SIM.

I have 5 accounts with straight talk. I bought a straight talk phone in WV. I bought a new phone is MS yesterday. How can I transfer remaining minutes to new phone? Customer service says I cannot do this. I just want my remaining balance transfered to new phone. If this cannot be resolved, I will take all 5 accounts to new cellular provider. Thank you. Hi Hannah, You should be able to transfer your Straight Talk service from your current phone to your new phone if your new phone is eligible for the same plan as your current phone.

What phone and plan are you currently using? What phone did you buy for your new phone? The screens will be a little different. Also make sure you see a cellular data connection in your status bar. Let me know how it goes. I was hoping you could help me a bit. I currently have a samsung galaxy s5 on the 55 dollar straight talk plan. The phone is 4 years old and is trashed reguardless.

So i bought a used galaxy s5 from a friend i. From what i read on the article swapping the sim card into the new phone was all that i needed to do?

Switch metro PCS phone to strait talk

The new phone will reviece and send calls and texts. But my mobile data will not work on the new phone. Did i miss a step in the transfer process? I see this article is about iPhone, but I have an Android related question. You should be able add the phone to your account if your friend removed it from his. It might require an email to ST support. Once the phone is on your account, you should be able to transfer your service to it if the new phone is eligible for the plan you are currently usingr se.

Not sure why straighttalk. You should be able to transfer your service, from one network to the other but depending on where you live, you may not be happy with the service on the new network. If somehow something went wrong trying to transfer, you may have some how lost your service. So, my friend purchased a new phone and gave me his old one. How do I switch my number to this phone?

Do I have to get a new sim card and register it and then switch? Please help. How would I go about this process? Your iPhone 6 must be eligible. I did the byod a few mths back and my phone is verizon. How can I transfer my current number from my straight talk verizon phone to my new straight talk att. Need help: So I do it online and it asks me for the unlimited service pin. I type it in, the phone becomes active and everything works great.

I didnt get a text from ST but later I did get a message saying my service ended after tomorrow. I ignored it because I know sometimes they are sent out in error. Well, it worked for one more day and now I have no service and ST says it has been deactivated. I tried the service pin again and of course it says its been used. Before I call them Im wondering if this normal??? Hey, so i need to get a new phone because my screen is realy cracked, its with straight talk, but its the same phone as the one i have, will i be able to switch over my minutes and everything on to it.

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If I buy one from Apple how difficult will it be to move my service from my old iPhone 5c phone to the new one? Do you know which network you are using. I have a question, too. A representative helped me online. He did say it would take from a few hours to up to two business days. My new phone is charged and has a new SIM card in it. Or is something wrong?

Thanks for your input! Is your current phone active still? Yes, the current phone is still active.

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Okay, it just turned on. Maybe I was doing something wrong, or maybe it was a glitch. I realize this is an old thread, but my wife bought an unlocked phone that has already been used on straight talk. Since its already been used in straight talk can she just transfer the number straight over or will she have to buy an access code?

What network do you plan to use the phone on?

About an hour later the unlocked phone started working with the number of the previous owner, AND her phone is still working with her number. I heard this before. I think you need to have the previous owner delete the inactive phone from their account before trying to use it. Your email address will not be published.

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Do Not Send Email Notifications. Click here to order online from straighttalk. See my article and video showing you exactly what to do. Not a Straight Talk customer already? Check out these articles instead. Brian December 27, at 7: Thank You Brian. Bob Thompson December 27, at 3: Rylan October 21, at 1: Bob Thompson October 21, at 8: Wayne August 26, at 8: Bob Thompson August 26, at Your new phone is still good.

Bob Thompson August 28, at 1: Jason August 14, at 7: Shop for plans, the latest phones, or even bring your own device Service Plans. Refill your plan or sign up for Auto-Refill. Refill Now. Looking for help? Transfer Number. No contracts You hate contracts, and so do we. Monthly payment plans Get the smartphone you want and pay over time. Learn how easy it is to save with straight talk learn how.

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