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Steve Jobs famously told the creators of Dropbox that their service was a feature that could easily be duplicated, but while iCloud Drive does a reasonable job of storage it doesn't have the super-fast cross-platform, cross-device file syncing Dropbox offers. The free storage isn't as generous as some rivals but the sharing is effortless and the iOS app makes it easy to keep on top of the things that matter.

There's automatic photo uploading if you want it too. When the tweeting gets tough, the tough turn to Tweetbot. Unlike the official Twitter app, which is a wretched hive of villainy, Tweetbot is a civilizing influence. You can mute by user, hashtag, source or keywords; sync between iOS and Mac; see who's liking and retweeting you; and basically do Twitter like a boss.

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Leaving Tweetbot for lesser apps is rather like taking a shovel and bashing yourself repeatedly in the face with it, and not in a good way. Get the garlic and the wooden crosses out: And we're doing so because OneNote is really, really good. It works best if you're also using it on other devices - it's built around syncing - but it's a perfectly great stand-alone notes app too, and it really benefits from the larger screens of the iPhones Plus and X.

It's a to-do app, a project planning app, a study app… if it involves organizing information, OneNote is the app to do it in. They may appear to be slightly less nice than Darth Vader, have the HR policies of Attila The Hun and be not so secretly planning to sack all the drivers and replace them with robots, but there's no denying that Uber has completely shaken up the people-driving-you-around-in-cars business.

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If you need to go somewhere Uber gets you there very efficiently, and the app is great. Another Microsoft app? Oh yes, and while this one doesn't quite come with the whole-hearted recommendation we'd give OneNote - it can often be choppy and drops calls far too often for our liking - Skype remains a crucial app for communicating over the internet, especially for work communications. We use it all the time and the iPhone app is much nicer than the desktop one, with really good clarity from microphone and speaker alike.

The caveat? Stick to carry-on luggage, as any checked-in bags will go all the way to the flight's final destination.

Skiplagged also allows you to book hotels, including last-minute deals and special offers. Transit is a fantastic aid for commuters, helping you plan out the fastest public transport routes to your destination. The app provides routes that combine numerous transportation methods — such as trains, buses, and bike sharing — while also factoring in short walks to each stop and wait times.

Transit can provide real-time data on arrival times of your bus or train, compare routes, step-by-step navigation, and notifications for service line disruptions. You can even book an Uber or reserve a car2go from within the app if public transport has failed you. John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school.

The Best iOS Apps You're Not Using (But Should Be)

As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery. Give These Overlooked Apps a Try Apple's latest iPhones certainly impress, with their more powerful processors and camera enhancements.

How to Make an App for Beginners (2018) - Lesson 1

Slide 1 of Slide 2 of Slide 3 of Unfold Free Unfold provides a clean and easy-to-use creative tool that focuses on creating slick and polished Instagram Stories-ready presentations. Slide 4 of Slowly Free The old-fashioned pen-pal gets a modern take with Slowly , a social app that's intended for a slower, more deliberate messaging experience that might otherwise get lost in our modern age of instant gratification.

Slide 5 of Tunity Free Can't hear the TV at a noisy sports bar? Slide 6 of Skiplagged Free Skiplagged is a neat travel app can save you a fair amount of cash by taking advantage of "hidden city flights", where flyers get off at a layover, instead of at the final destination. The App Store is a tantalizing prospect to developers, offering the possibility of instant riches — and the probability of interminable anonymity.

A 6-footinch former basketball recruit for California State University, Northridge, Hayward-Mayhew got into app development while studying in The most valuable lesson came early on: He focused on iOS because he was an Apple user and because Android meant optimizing for an enormous number of devices.

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I had to scrape around to try and pay it back. Hayward-Mayhew could have thrown in the towel, but instead came up with a better idea. So I came up with the idea of taking the game and re-skinning it to come up with 10 different games based on the same concept. For example, an endless runner featuring a Mario -style cartoon character could just as easily become a BMX racer game by changing a few graphics. The strategy allows him to respond rapidly to changing tastes and put out games incredibly quickly.

That brought in a good amount of money.

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